How to choose the best engagement ring ?

For most couples who buy engagement rings or wedding bands together or at least pre-shop together, the choice of ring is never a problem. However, if you are planning to take your partner by surprise, then you need to be very sure of the choice you make. After all, it is a lifetime investment because it is the about special moment, the ring and the one you love.

 It is true that most guys sweat over the task of choosing a perfect ring for their loved ones. However, if you have the right approach and have complete knowledge of buying a diamond, then this process is fun filled and enjoyable.

 When looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring, there are a lot of things to consider. Your budget is sure going to play a significant role in your decision, but you cannot neglect the quality since the ring is as unique as your loved one. Find below, few points to consider before going down on your knees on your special day.

  1. Reputable jeweller: Since this is the first biggest purchase you will make, you need to be assured of the genuinity. Needless to say, a reputable jewellery store is the first thing you should look for.  Speak to your close friends, family and engaged couples to find jewellers that they recommend. 

 2. Plan before time: Consider approaching the jeweller at least a month or two if you want a custom ring made into what you exactly want and will your intended properly.

 3. Choice of diamond: When choosing a diamond, you need to brush up the 4C’s about diamond that plays a major role in the quality and the cost of ring.  The  4C’s are cut, clarity, colour and weight. Now, if you want most sparkle and brilliance in the ring, then you should focus on the cut. It's proportions,  symmetry and polish can vary the look of the diamond. However, if you want the ring to be light on your pocket, look for lesser carats. Higher the carat (weight), more expensive the ring will be. 

 4. Custom rings: If you decide to personalise every aspect of your ring, then the first thing to look at when buying a loose diamond is clarity.  Most of the times, internal imperfections like small cracks, whitish dots or fine dark spots called inclusions are present.  Generally speaking, fewer the inclusions, better the quality, and worth of the diamond. 

 5. Settings are important: Metal framework in which the diamond is mounted can both enhance or spoil the look.  Get the right combination of the shape of the stone and the setting is the key to getting a beautiful engagement ring.

 6. Consider the metal: Spy on the style of your spouse or approach someone close to her to know the metal of her choice and swear them to secrecy. There is nothing more beautiful than surprising your beloved with just what she wants!

 7. Get the description written: one of the best things to do while making a diamond purchase is to ask for a ‘fingerprint’ of your ring on the sale invoice. It would include all the aspects like the 4C’s and any enhancements made. 


All the research and efforts made are worth. After all, it is for your special one!